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Monday, April 16, 2012

She's Here!!

Okay, okay- so I'm really late on adding a new post- but for good reasons!  Jewel #8 was born on Monday April 9th.  She weighed in at 7lb 13oz and 19 inches long.  Mom was thrilled at the weight- I was expecting a 9 pound toddler!  Labor was long (11 hours) but worth every bit of it to see her beautiful face.  It would have been GREAT if the epidural would have lasted to the end of labor, but good things rarely do. . . leaving me to show the Jane Austin Wanna Be what hard labor is really like.  (She wanted to be present at the birth and I consented, knowing that she was interested in nursing - especially neonatal nursing.  Nothing like seeing the one you love go pass a watermelon for the sake of saying "I was there!")  Had to LAUGH though when her comment was "That wasn't that hard."   

What?!? Guess I should of had her stand in where I was! 

So, I am going to keep this post short and end on a weird note. . .

Don't let everyone know, but I believe I've given birth to Toby Jones' clone!  See for yourself-

                                                                              Toby Jones

                                                          Looks like a "totally looks like" to me! :)

Maybe I should leave you with a better impression- she really is quite cute! -

There we go- much better!

Glad to be "un-pregnant" and working on surviving myself with raging hormones!