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Thursday, June 14, 2012


T-I-M-E spells. . . something I don't have a lot of.
Well, that is not entirely true, I do have time to coo at a baby for at least an hour in the morning.  And I do have time to get a cup of coffee and read a library book to my 2 boys in the morning as I nurse a baby.   I am incredibly blessed? to have lots of time to wear my pajama's- usually into mid-morning.

I stew over the time I don't have though.  I feel sometimes I don't have time to enjoy the little everyday treats that will gone in the blink of an eye.  I don't usually have time to pick up a good book either- unless I excuse it as a book I will read to the kids out loud.  I don't have time to be too fashionable (I'm probably okay on that though as long as I don't embarrass my teens too much.)

And, since this bog post is overdue, I'm stating I don't usually have time to sit at a computer : )

A couple of weeks ago my husband gave a great anniversary gift that made me take time.  He took the family to the Omaha Zoo in Nebraska.  My kids have been asking for the past 2 years to go, but there was always an excuse-  a baby too young to travel that far, a toddler to young to travel that far, a busy schedule, or, course No Time!

I made sure to treasure this time-mostly because I am aware of the fact that as my kids grow older the opportunity of us going on vacation all together grows less and less.  I remember in growing up myself how my older sister missed out on the Europe trip because she had moved out of the house.  While I don't plan on traipsing across Europe anytime soon (or across Kansas either) I have to chuckle when The Jane Austen Wanna' Be laments that all the family fun stuff will start as soon as she moves out.

There were some great memories that I will hold from the trip and I love, love that my husband gave me the opportunity instead of a material gift.  One of the "cutest" moments was when we checked into the hotel and the kids-being kids-were checking out every nook and cranny of the room (yes, I said room- as in singular room,  all 10 of us in a room with 2 double beds.  Kids laying on the floor, stacked on the bed, behind doors and the like.  Shhhhh, don't tell.  I do believe there is some "hotel law" about having only 4 to room, but we aren't on the level of getting 2 or even 3 rooms to stay the night.  So, we "take shifts" in hotels- shifts entering, shifts going to breakfast, shifts to the pool- you get the idea.  Heaven forbid one of the kids would actually call room service.  I fear it would cause a scurrying at such level- like cockroaches when the lights are flipped on!)  Back to the point.  The middle ones stepped into the bathroom to see if it could be any cooler than the ones we have at home and sure enough- it was!  From inside the bathroom I hear "HEY MOM!  Guess what?!  There is a coffee maker in here!  Just think tomorrow morning you can have a cup being made right here while you get ready!

Oh the fine things in life!

T-I-M-E. . .get some- enjoy it, treasure it.  You know, like a brewing cup of coffee right within reach of you toothbrush.

Taking some time to attempt to survive myself,