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Friday, July 6, 2012

Wow, it's HOT!

I know, it's been near another month since my last post. . . where does time fly?!
So, the kids and I have been trying to deal with the 100 degree plus summer days.  So far, the favorite past time is complaining and fighting.  Please tell me my house isn't the only one this occurs at!  

Last week we celebrated The Jane Austen Wannabe's  and The Clown's birthday- since they share the same birth date.  Normally this isn't a big problem.  Although Topeka doesn't boast of lots to do for families  -make that lots to do for large, financially savvy families- there are a few things we do like to do for special days:  putt-puff golf, park trips, zoo visits, go-carts.  Yet, none of these are even close to enjoyable when the thermostat reads 100 to 116!

We decided a movie might be the route. . . but we were hesitant to do so due to the same attempt we did on The Diva's birthday.  Let's just say we made a quick exit- all 10 of us- when the language got "rough."  And that was a PG movie!!  Man I hate paying (even at the "cheap" theater) for a movie and leaving early.   So, we thought we'd rent the latest movie that the kids wanted and  pop it in our Clear Play player.  (By the way, if you don't know what Clear Play is, Google it- we've have it for years and highly recommend it! ) 

The evening went by with a decent flick, lots of candy, a huge sugar high, followed by a sugar low and then to bed.   It was OK.  Maybe just not the best way to celebrate.  But we didn't die of heat, compromise our morals on movie choice, and got an excuse to pig out on candy.  Somehow it didn't feel very "special" though.  Maybe, it's because we do this activity (movie watching, not the pigging out on candy) on a weekly basis.

Oh well- here is the deal-  what, if any,  ideas do you and your family do when it gets hot, hot, HOT outside?

I'd love to hear from you, and share your ideas.  I'm getting exhausted of telling my little ones that they can't go outside because the rubber on the trampoline is melting and to ride a bike in this heat would be signing a death certificate.  Let me know your suggestions!  Remember, ideas need to be affordable- no trips to amusement parks or the like.  And suggestions that incorporate the whole family are getting the A+ from the teacher!

Surviving myself. . .while looking for cooler, 90 degree days,