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Friday, October 12, 2012

I Love Bread

Yep, I Love bread.  I say this as I'm snacking on a biscuit that was leftover from yesterday's lunch.  What does that have to do with anything?   Nothing!  It is just a random little blessing from God that I'm enjoying.  The thing is, I enjoy a variety of breads- actually cheeses too- and I can't help but wonder if I could have made it as an Israelite sentenced to wander the dessert eating only Manna.  I actually think I'd be okay without the quail meat.  Manna is good for me Lord ( Well, an occasional Dr. Pepper would have been great, but I don't recall that as an option.)  It's not a gourmet breakfast, to many it's not even a snack.  But, I was tickled to find it setting, untouched on the counter top when I got up this morning. 

So, why is it there are some blessing in life we are in awe in receiving, but in others we totally miss ?  Maybe it's because we are to busy to recognize the blessing.

Here is some more manna. . .

I am now joined by The Baby Boy, who is the one, ONE, child I have that is extremely picky about his clothes ( should have been a girl).  He is very sensitive about the idea of his clothes  being "soggy."  Which, by the way, when you figure out what that means, the definition changes.   I often get frustrated by his clothing demands- and lose track of the little blessings- like how cute it is when he makes an appearance with  boots, shorts, and a batman shirt, and holster- because why wouldn't I want to have a cowboy superhero for a son?!?

The Boy is now working on reading- and after a slow start, he has really taken off.  Writing notes has become a whole new world now that he can put together his words.  I get bogged down spelling endless words for his means of communications and often miss the blessing~ like when he comes to me, chest stuck out, bursting with pride, and hands me a letter- "to moM.  Iluv win u red me buks inthe mrng."   Oh, how sweet phonetic spelling is from a 5 year old!  And, everything is now able to be a word- like an open pair of play handcuffs, turned upside down and held on both sides of his mouth-  "I can spell your name with my handcuffs and my mouth!!- 'm - o - m' "

Oh- my biscuit is gone, and now so must I go too.  The little kids are turning Jewel into a pizza- rolling the dough (baby), tickling on the toppings and baking her (placing her on the couch), to commence in eating- more tickling.   I'm going to go enjoy- the giggles and smiles compete- and I can overlook the morning, dragon breath (for awhile) because it is really a very big blessing to have us all enjoy each other's company.

I challenge you to seek and thank the Lord for the manna today- without (or before) demanding the quail!

Surviving myself- with buscuit in hand,