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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yes, I think that song is about me.

I'm so vein. . . yes, vein.

I love my kids.  I love that the Lord has blessed me 8 times over with wonderful, healthy children.  I would not change a bit of that.  Well, just one tiny thing- 8 pregnancies has taken a toll on my body- leaving what has become dubbed my "pregnancy tattoo."  This is a series of veins that wrap around my ankle and travel up my leg.  When I am pregnant, my "tattoo"  glows a purple/blue- and it's anything but praise to KSU/KU.

I've not done anything about this issue because there was always the possibility of another baby coming along and making corrections moot point.   But, and I'm not counting out the possibility of another beautiful blessing from God, our insurance deductible is now met- due to Jewel #8, and it seems like it might be a good time to look into doing something about the lovely "pregnancy tattoo."

Now, that this surgery is a reality, I'm trying to decide if I'm really just. . .  vain.

Friday I go in for a consultation to see how vein/vain I am.

The answer will be quite clear- insurance pays, it's a go. .  . insurance doesn't pay, I'm heading to a tattoo shop to put on some finishing touches.  Just kidding- I don't think my shadow will ever grace a tattoo shop.

I love those little reminders that speak beautiful truths of how a woman's body looks after pregnancy is a testimony to her being pro-life.  I find that statement poetic.  And most women who have given birth can tell you that there are changes in her body that she'll have to deal with the rest of her life, yet the changes are totally worth it (She usually has no problem reminding her offspring of these changes when in a heated discussion-after all, a little guilt goes a long way!)

My only problem is that I don't like the yucky feeling I get when I see other women who look great in shorts and skirts. . . while I think about how I'm so vein!

Surviving my post pregnant self,