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Friday, March 15, 2013


Wow!  We are over 1/2 way through Lent and that is reason for celebration!!  I look forward to spending Easter with my extended family - 3 sisters and their families, along with some of their in-laws, a few friends and my own group of 10 family members.  I LOVE being together-the laughter, smiles, laughter, silliness, fun, and laughter.  But, and I am feeling guilty about this, I am so happy lent is 1/2 over because I am ready to induldge in all that I gave up for Lent.  Now I know that I am not alone on this- there are too many people I know that count off Lent by the Sundays.  Yea for Sundays!!  So, on Monday through Saturday you'll find me sniffing the coffee container and trying it get my caffinee fix from tea- a poor substitiute for coffee.

And, although I could once and awhile enjoy a pop- to help ease the caffinee addiciton, I was guilted into giving that up too, thanks to a priest who suggested I could offer up something more for Lent.  : (

But, as much as I lull though the week- I have to really give credit to The Clown, who gave up drinking everything but water.  Whoa!  She is my hero.  I find little joy in day to day without starting it and ending it with coffee and packing in a Dr. Pepper- but at least I can substitute with tea, flavored water and Sonic slushies.  She is amazing also, becasue she has NOT complained once, like a certain mom I know.  However, this Lent has helped us to bond in "I'm wishing it was Sunday!" cries.

Now- onto another celebration. . . We have a new pope!!  I was just telling my older 3 daughters that I feel really guilty for liking Pope Francis so much already- like I didn't give Pope Benedict enough of my love??  Poor Pope Benedict, he was in the shadow of the great JP2!  That is some big shoes to fill!  I have a love for Pope John Paul 2!  In fact, do you ever get those questions that are something like "If you could spend one day with anyone in the world and in history, who would it be?"  I would pick Pope John Paul the Second hands down.  Now, just know what I have learned about Pope Frances- I find myself falling in love with his character.  I am so excited about his election- so thrilled to be a Catholic.

What about you- are you celebrating anything?  Are you ready for Christ's resurection?  I pray that you are- I also pray that you are having a frutful Lent.  Until Easter though, you'll find me looking for more facts about Pope Frances and sniffing ground coffee :  )

Oh- on another note- my husband my just announced to my family that we will take a family vacation sometime in July.  That, for those of you keeping track, is 4 months away.  Do you KNOW how long 4 months is to 4 kids under the age of 11?  Do you KNOW  how long 4 months will seem to me when I have to hear daily how we need to start packing, buying clothes, and answering shark questions?!?

Yeah, I'll keep you updated on that!

 Surviving myself while celebrating little pleasures in life,