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Friday, September 14, 2012

Yikes, Momma Didn't Tell Me About This!

Childbirth- it is not necessarily what I would call fun.  In fact, if it weren't for the beautiful baby one holds after all the work, I'm not sure how worth it all the pain would be.

Even as I try to type this post, with Jewel #8 sitting on my lap, fighting for my attention, I can almost still feel the pains of childbirth like it was yesterday.  Surprisingly, on my lap  now sits a 5 month old!  Where does time fly?  But, as for the pains, I've been privileged? to have experienced those all to familiar birthing pains but just a few weeks ago.

No, I've not given birth to yet another.  I've been diagnosed with kidney stones- multiple ones-  in both kidneys.  Multiple- as in 3 or more for each side.  So, if we do the math, that is at the very least, 6 fun episodes of passing to go though.  Actually, I have managed to pass a few, so I'm hoping to only have about half left.

Just like childbirth, some of the episodes were a bit more bearable than others.  One passing was, however, leaving me crying for an epidural-so painful was it!  Funny though- also like childbirth, there was a feeling of euphoria after passing it- like "Whew!  I feel so relieved" and "Whoa ! I could take on just about anything  now, knowing that I survived!"  AND don't forget the feeling of "So glad that is done and that I won't have to go though it again!". . .wait a minute, I guess I do :   (

What is a bit harder to take is that the doctor has no explanation as to why my body is producing the stones.  

I can only thank God for my kids- especially my older 5 girls- in going through this.  They are incredible!  When needed, they jump into action and do what's necessary to keep order so I can retreat into hours of  pain.

It's just to bad that the end result isn't as cute and adorable as my little Jewel!

Surviving myself and hoping to keep the stones rolling,