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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello? Is anybody there?

   OK, so this is my daughter's idea because I needed an outlet to vent some of my frustrations and she figured, as a mother to seven, I was so much of an, I mean sideshow...uh, I mean, never mind.  She just thought it would be better for me to type it than yelling frustrations at her.  BTW - as a teenager (16 in July) she has become my closest confidant - so to all of you who nervously await the teen years....don't.
One of the best pieces of advice I was given as I started my family was to not fear the teen years as the world seems to encourage.  Teens (at least mine, and I now have 2 of them) can be frustrating but the benefits outweigh the grief exceedingly. 
   I am a stay at home mother who home schools her kids (yes, all seven of them), pre-pre-school to junior in high school.  I am always dumbfounded when people ask me: "How do you do it?!" Really? It is a lifestyle and I don't know what I'd do without it.  I love my kids and I love teaching them.  And, while it has it's challenges, I would never exchange it for even a six figure out-of-the-house job. 
   In this blog you can expect to find random rantings and rambling (say that 10 times fast) of a 39 (almost 40) mother - and, as promised, an occasional post from her blog wannabe daughter - of course, with my permission and approval.  Sorry, while we might be a side-show, we don't equal up to the Duggars - seven is no where close to...wait, I lost count.  I almost equal Kate in number, but I'm much nicer, at least I like to think - sorry Kate fans!
   It will be rated E for everyone, I want something that my children would be proud that their mother writes...and something that wouldn't make my own mother blush while reading.  If I am feeling adventurous, I will share antidotes, tips, and links.
   If you enjoy it, feel free to comment. If you don't like it, well, OK, I'm strong and I can take criticism too.  Maybe. Just don't make me cry.
   That's it for now! Keep scrolling down! I save the treats and the bottom of the page.
*funny sign off to end the blog every time, if I had one - ideas are welcome!

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