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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So Wonderful!!

Who doesn't love wonders?  You know a cause of astonishment, amazement- like the Wonders of the World, or Wonder Woman or someone saying "You're so wonderful!"  What's not to like about wonders?  I even get a tinge of excitement when I hear my kids say "Hey, I wonder. . . "  I bend my ear to their thoughts, because it's a sign to me that their wheels are turning and thoughts are cranking out.  Love when they become independent, terrific thinkers- especially when they are trying to solve a problem that I cannot piece together myself!  (One of the reasons I have so many kids. . . more minds to keep me on track!) 

I also love being able to write "Wonderful!" across the top of my childrens' graded papers- as I'm sure they are happy to see it - much better than the "Fix!" or "Do again!"
It's no wonder that a top selling bread is Wonder Bread.  With a name like that, what kid couldn't resist it?  Of course the wonderful yellow, blue and red circles calling out to the yearning stomachs, promising a mouthful of soft, white tasty goodness.  Ahhhh.   Okay, maybe I'm a bit obsessed- my Mother rarely bought Wonder Bread- we ate wheat bread (A healthy choice I've carried on, so my own children salivate when as a rare treat I place a loaf in my shopping cart.)

Oh, how about music- that oldie, but goodie, "S' Wonderful. . S' Marvelous. . .that you should care for me. . ."
Or even older~"I Wonder why I Love You Like I do"
My ALL time favorite wonder song though is "What a Wonderful World" - Louis Armstrong.  This song brings back memories of  high school dances- which in and of themselves were not so wonderful, but it was always the last song played at each dance and just left you ready to leave with a light heart as the lights came on and everyone chimed in to sing the lyrics.  Good song!

Movies- no brainier- "Wonderful Life"  This movie is such a classic- brought out each Christmas season at our home.  Plus, there are so many take offs of this movie- many very, very good, including Shrek Forever (my favorite Shrek).

With all these wonders, are you wondering where I'm going? 

It's to the antipodean of everything wonderful about wonder. 

Two weekends back I became a wonder in the most loathsome way.  I was considered a "medical wonder."  Much to the demise of what was supposed to be a family day at a church festival, I spent the day in the E.R. with an extreme pain in my abdomen and a handful of hospital workers scratching their heads and saying "I wonder. . . "

This is not what wonder is supposed to be!  Wonder is supposed to be laughter, proud feelings, yummy bread and feel-good music! 

Here is what I do wonder about- how come it is so easy to cross that point of embarrassment to the point of lose all caution to the wind when it comes to pain?  It must be something about the hospital gown with the slit down the back.  It's never going to mean something wonderful is going to happen!  Okay, I did don the gown 7 times to give birth- and that is wonderful!- but the modesty grows it's own wings and flies out the window when the gown goes on.  And there is no wonder is all the needle pricking, poking, prodding and marvelous contraptions that get hooked up to your body when you suit up in the hospital finery. 

And so, after many tests and head scratching, the E.R. doctor, as he is about to release me, says
"I wonder. . . maybe you had a kidney stone." 

O great, this probably means more tests- No thanks!  He must of read my mind.  After all, I wasn't in any pain anymore.  In fact, my pain had actually subsided before I was even called out of the E.R. waiting room! Wonderful, huh?!?  Maybe it was the pleading look in my eyes that convinced him to release me.  Although he wasn't going to confirm anything, he did feel that my tests lead to conclude it was kidney stones.  "But be sure to follow up with your primary doctor." 

I was not surprised at all when my primary doctor said- "I wonder. . ."  Unfortunately, it was not the same wonder as the E.R. doctor- she just wondered what could have happened, because she wasn't convinced that it was kidney stones.    


(Sigh!) As I run back to doctor check-ups, enjoy the time "on rest", and continue to wonder, I'm so glad that I am a wonder to our Lord.  It's easier to face bad wonders knowing that the All-Wonderful has me right where I am supposed to be!

Attempting to survive myself,

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