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Monday, October 24, 2011

Injury Alert

So in my older post, "So Wonderful,"  I talked about my trip to the E.R.  and how being a medical wonder was not fun.  This past week I had a follow up with the doctor and while she still couldn't confirm if I had a kidney stone or not, she was feeling confident that IF did, I surely hadn't passed it yet.  Again, I'm not sure of how this diagnosis came about, but the look on my face read anything but "Thanks doc!"  I'll have to keep you posted on my joyful trip. 

This week though, I'm looking at The Boy, now 4, almost 5 years old, and wondering how it is that we have had so few trips to the E.R. up until now.  He did take his father and me to the immediate care 2 weeks ago tomorrow- with a broken arm.  I've never had broken bone before, nor has my husband.  I haven't had a child with a broken bone before either.  There was no mistaking this though!  Seeing his arm hanging at such an odd position with a strange bump protruding from the elbow made me have to work to keep my lunch down. 

Long story short, he fell off his bike, broke the arm in 2 places below the elbow and since the immediate care insisted on a specialist (that wasn't in any big hurry to get us in), his bones had already started to heal- thank you Lord! in the proper place.  Therefore only a temporary cast was needed.  Tomorrow! Tomorrow he goes back to the specialist to HOPEFULLY get the cast off.  I really don't think he could have survived a full 6 weeks in a regular cast.  The hardest part has been that he hasn't been able to ride his bike.  "Two feet on the ground," straight out of the doctor's mouth.  Oh how I've enjoyed repeating that phrase over and over. 

I really believe that God built boys differently.  I mean, I know they are different, and there are always exceptions in a few girls, but generally speaking, I think the testosterone blocks the brain cells from properly functioning about 99% of the time.  One only has to look at "America's Funniest Videos" to see that nearly all the clips of dangerous, stupid stunts are performed my guys.  More specifically boys- or men who haven't moved out of the boy stage.  While my kids enjoying watching this show, I feel like I have to be in a 4 foot radius from their ears to follow up each of these types of clips with "Don't you even think about doing that!"  Of course my warnings are usually drowned out by "Cool!" or "Hey, I bet we could do that!" or just all out laughter- this all coming from their Dad! 

I know, as parents, we haven't aided the whole don't do dumb stuff warning when we have toys like skateboards, scooters and a trampoline.  What can I say, I like spending my time issuing warnings. 

The bad thing about experiencing a brake in a bone is that I'm "on edge" now.  When I hear one of the kids crying "that cry," I'm there before the tear leaves the eye, panicked and on alert.  Today The Cute one who gets Everything Free at Garage Sales came inside the house crying uncontrollably that her head started hurting after playing leap frog on the trampoline.  Certain that she'd not been hit, didn't bend her neck wrong or anything of the like, my worry mode was set to alarm. 

You know, if you can actually see the injury, it really helps to make the "run to the doctor decision."  Unfortunately this isn't always the case.  It is in those times that one relies on their tried and true "Momisms."  You know what I mean.  My favorite one is: "Rub it."  Like that is going to make it better!  Well, my kids seem to think it does : P 

My husband tells of a football coach that would reply to most pains:  "Rub some dirt on it."  Hmmmm.  An expansion on mine. 

My daughter tells me her friends' dad's is:  "Suck it up!"  Okay,  might work- if I knew what to suck up.  

Another one- oh how these come to mind when you start thinking about it-  my husband has a "cure" that he uses when his panic mode hits:  he hands the child a quarter and tells them to squeeze it. 
Really?  I can't believe they would fall for this.  Okay, maybe keeping their mind on squeezing would be helpful, especially when dad is there pushing them to "keep squeezing" if their grip relaxes.  I would think that my kids would be smart enough to tell their dad that a dollar would be easier to squeeze though and would ease the pain a bit more! 

Back to The Cute one who gets Everything Free at Garage Sales.  After a bit of aspirin and a cold washrag (another Momism), she decided she felt better.  Of course this was after most of the nightly cleaning of the house was done.  

I do believe my kids have taken my heighted alerts to their advantage!

In the meantime, I hear there is a cold front coming in that is bringing rain.  Oh, too bad you can't ride bikes in that.  Well, actually you could, but Mom is on alert -remember. 

I'm having Dad take The Boy to the doctor appointment tomorrow.  It's not that I don't want to go; it's just that I think that dad, gracing me with the 2 boys at the end of the sting of kids, has to pay his dues in bringing the testosterone level a bit higher around the house.  That and I don't think that the doctor would appreciate me telling The Boy to not worry and just rub it!  I'd rather see them off from the house, be ready to greet him with "I'm so proud of you!" when he returns.  I do think I'll stick a few extra quarters in dad's pocket before he goes though! 

Surviving Myself (outside of the E.R.),

Oh- one last thing.  On a techinacal note, I am still working on the whole leave a comment thing.  I wasnt to assure you that if you try to leave a comment, you can do so by clicking "leave a comment" and then choose to send it under "anonymous" and the comment will get to me- just not saved to the post.  So feel free to comment away!

UPDATE: The Boy got back from the doctor today and with head hung low, announced he'll have 3 more weeks of the cast.  Poor boy, still no bike : (


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