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Friday, July 15, 2011

Creatively Challenged

This is my fuming post - just a heads up to anyone reading, especially those of you readers that exude creativity from your very pores!   Don't get me wrong- I love creative people; I just hate when I feel the pressure to try (and for some reason I nearly always think I can do just about every project) and cry (the usual response that comes from theses exploits) to be just like you.  So the following is a list, although incomplete- because I'm sure there are more of you creative people just dying to tempt me into trying another project- of those that I hate to love.

My wonderful neighbor and friend.  Here is a woman, no- make that WOMAN!  Who sews, grows and bakes, all while wearing a smile!  She is so encouraging too- which is why I'm sending my kids over constantly so she can rub off on them!  Hey, if I can't be creative, I can at least see that my kids can be!  Last month I sent the Jane Austen Wanna Be down to her house learn how to make home-made bread from SCRATCH!  Okay- I'm talking like grind the wheat scratch.  Who does this??   Now, the great thing about this is that I now have a daughter that can make homemade bread that is heavenly- but the downside is that she now knows how untalented her mom is in the baking area- oops!  She is the mother of 3 great kids who share her friendly attitude and are a joy to have around- constantly sharing smiles, notes and little gifts (like beautiful flowers from their garden- which I'm completely dumbfounded at how she manages to bring forth from the same ground I can only sprout weeds from.)

My Mother- sorry mom!  Isn't there some law that states that the creativity gene parents have gets passed on to the offspring?  Wait a minute- if this were true, it could explain a lot of questions about myself and my family.  Regardless, I did NOT get any talents that my mother has (or my sisters for that fact!)  Not one.  She can cook, sew, draw, paint, sing, play piano and guitar and she has a wonderful optimistic attitude too.  (Guess where my kids are going this weekend!)  Actually, the talent gene did get passed on. . . to my children (the girls at least-verdict is out on the boys and I don't believe my mother has a talent for smashing things and being wild).  I am amazed at the extent my children have taken to music.  No, they are not bound for Julliard, but they are not only musically inclined, but also confident enough to share their talent with others- as they do regularly at Mass. 

And the cooking gene is alive and growing too.  Some lucky men- or blessed convents- will get a top notch chef from my girls.  I won't let the boys escape this one either- they'll have to face and master the kitchen before leaving the nest.

Lastly-I know, this is a very short list-call it the highlights, just the special people that are constantly in my face with their wonderfulness,  Charlotte (aka Waltzing Matilda).  This one is that is some what unfair- I don't know her.  But, you can click on her blog here:  (or copy and paste) and witness how beautifully creative she is and in my wildest dreams I couldn't even come close to her wonderfulness.  That doesn't mean I didn't try though!

We have a tradition at our house that we decorate the kitchen for each person's birthday.  Streamers, balloons, and usually a homemade poster indicating the birthday child's name and new age.  Easy
cheesy, but fun.  So, the Jane Austen Wanna Be surfs on Charlotte's blog and sees her birthday decorating links and suddenly the pressure is on!  I didn't do to bad (see pics.)  But I did exhaust at least 6 months worth of creativity!  Fortunately this was a two for one- two birthdays on one day (the Jane Austen Wanna Be and the Clown share their birthday- July 7th)  so I get double credit! 

You know, I can always pawn the decorating job off to the older kids for the next birthday.  Oh wait, I already do that : )

I can't go until I mention that the whole creativity gene has extended to my kids in the acting area too.  Three times a year they put on a production with friends in what they call "Fun Size Cinema."  They always do a great job with what little props and sometimes rehearsal time they have.  This last play was a rendition of  "Annie."  And despite a well worn wig (Who said Annie HAS to have curls?) and performance temperatures running above 100 degrees- they did an awesome job!  Oh, and of course it was a musical- with The Jane Austen Wanna Be playing the keyboard.

It is a hard knock life!  But at least I can rest knowing that creativity doesn't get me into Heaven (Thank you God!)  And hey, I can always look at my lack of creativity as a leg up for my kids- they'll always be able to brag that they can do something or two things- oh forget it tons of things that their mother can't do!
Working to survive myself,

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