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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tech Post


 Hi everyone! Jane Austen Wanna-be here. I wanted to share with you gals and guys about some of the technical stuff on the blog.
   I'm sitting here enjoying my starbursts (a little treat mom got me for fixing the computer. Did I mention she got me the BIG pack? I work for peanuts...OK, candy.) Hmmmm....what's Mom trying to do? She's just insuring the fact that I'll always have a reason to stick with her on the Supreme 90 exercise program.
   Between a broken computer router and the Bookworm's new Nook, I have been playing Geek Squad for the past few days...I'm such a social reject. No offense to readers who are members of the Geek Squad - I love you! I had to have you fix my laptop (that I broke) for free!! (did I mention this incident involved an 8 month old baby! That one wasn't my fault!)
   I am watching Mom's visitors on the stat counter go higher and higher - but we are still left with 1 follower...Thank you Mrs. Butcher!! So, here are the steps to become a follower:
1.  Under the section "followers" click the tab that says "Join This Site."
2.  Sign in with either Google, Yahoo, or Twitter. (or create an account with either of these 3)

Here are the steps to comment:
1. On the end of each post there is a section that says "0 comments."
2. Click that.
3. Type in your comment.
4. Select a account to post your comment as
5. Post your comment.

Here are the steps to subscribe to the blog through your e-mail so that you can get posts sent directly to your e-mail.
1. At the top of the blog there is a section that looks like a search engine.
2. Enter your e-mail.
3. Click the "subscribe" button.
Hope this was helpful! Comment if you like the blog!
Jane Austen Wanna-be.

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