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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Drool # 9

     The big "new" at our house this week is a 40 pound, muscle clad, under bite member of our family.  No, it isn't another child- and how terrible that would be if this is how I would describe a little person!
This addition is a English bulldog named Roxi, and I have none other to thank for her being here but The Jane Austen Wanna Be.  I wasn't looking for a dog.  Although, if I were, it would be an English bulldog.  I'm not sure why that is so- but there is some kind of unexplainable "charm" about this breed.  I'm not able to even put it into words myself, especially when I look into the eyes of Roxi and listen to her make a continual sound that I would compare to the sound of a toy called a "groan tube"- the toy that one shakes up and down and it groans with each turn.  As I hear Roxi groaning, I can't help but ask, "What charm did I think you held?"  I am sure that my life was just needing more noise in it- really, 8 kids are not enough, needed to add more noise. 

     Ironically, each time we've had a dog, it has been "mine" by means of it adopting the Mom and following me like an extension of my own shadow.  This time however, Roxi appears to be a guy type of dog, so she doesn't turn on her charm until my husband comes home from work.  At that time, I hear from my husband - "How's my girl?"  and then, as I am ready to answer, realize he is speaking to the dog!  I know, I need to just begin making groan tube sounds and he'll move me back up to being first on his greeting list.

     Another trait bulldogs are known for is drooling.  Here, I am happy to say, Roxi doesn't excel in.  Although there are a few puddles here and there, it isn't any more drool than Jewel #8, so I can't complain about that. 

     I think Roxi is a pretty good fit with the family- which if you knew the track record with our family and dogs, that is making a big statement.  As The Drama Queen asked me when we brought Roxi home, "Wow, we got a dog!  How long before we get rid of it?" 

     I will say, there are some advantages to not having a dog- more than just the lack of the freaky groaning sound that continues in my ears even after it leaves a room.  Days ago, I didn't have to worry about my boys using their "boy brains" to carry out what most most dogs would not put up with. I also didn't have to put away playful baby toys that must be masquerading as dog toys, nor did I have to kennel an animal because vacuums are terrible machines that must be attacked with the force of a charging bull.  And most of all,  I didn't need to even holler "Don't stick your finger there- that is NOT a place to put your finger!"  (This last statement was of course directed to one of the boys, and I'll let you insert your own image of where he thought his finger should go.) 
When we got Roxi, the previous owner asked if we had any other dogs- because Roxi is a one pet to house type of dog.  We don't have another dog, but we do have a guinea pig (just one now- see earlier post).  The pig is in a corner of a room, on a table, in a cage- set out of the way so to speak. 
Guess where Roxi's favorite place in the house is?  Yep, set for launch, ready to eat, smack in front of the pig cage.  Poor pig, I'm guessing it's days are numbered due to the huge dog head that jumps up about 10 times a day to see if it's Hansel snack is ready for eating yet.

     Well, I guess I need more drama in my life- and Roxi was the answer.  I found myself praying for the intercession of St. Francis and St. Martin De Pores in making the decision to get Roxi or not.  I'm guessing there are 2 saints in heaven that are having a good old laugh right about now.

Surviving myself, although my guinea pig, vacuum cleaner and boy's fingers are NOT,

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