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Friday, December 7, 2012

Dog-gone! : (

Hey All,

To those of you who know our family, this post should come as no surprise.  The only surprise is that one of you didn't stop our family on the front side of getting a dog!  Oh I am very convinced that the idea of having a dog is so much more fun than actually having a dog.  In my mind I see the kids camped out on the living room floor and collapsed in the middle of them is a family dog- soaking in the love that the kids radiate.  (Yeah, like my kids radiate love amongst themselves!)  And, in my mind, I see the boys running around the backyard with the dog in tow, romping and frisking.  (Yeah, like when my boys get set loose in the backyard it involves something more like crashing and breaking!)

Sigh, it's so beautiful. . . in my mind! 

Reality check:  we are NOT a dog family. 

Well, okay, this time, with Roxi, we were close.  And I do have to credit the family 2 kids back to enjoying Ruthie- the Boston Terrier.  But, close is not good enough- especially when it was closeness that made us find a new home for Roxi as it was.  

I knew that Jewel #9 is a sweet, sweet little morsel of a baby.  I didn't realize that Roxi thought so too.  Not sure if it was an alpha-female thing, a jealous thing, or what.  But Roxi continually came after little Jewel.   It all started with her toys (who can resist fun, colorful baby toys?!)  then it moved to baby feet.  This wasn't pleasant, but a little adjustment here and there- plus a squirt with a water bottle- and the arrangement was tolerable.  However- 2 nights ago, Roxi decided to put an end to having a baby around- and thank God,  The Clown was on her game.  When dog came after baby aggressively!, The Clown put her foot down- literally.  And stopped the dog from making contact with Jewel. 

So now. . . dog gone. 

I should have listened to The Diva when we brought Roxi home - "Oh wow, a dog- When does it leave?"

Roxi left the house today.  There were 2 ironies in her hitting the road.  Irony #1.  None, and I mean NONE of the kids shed a tear in Roxi leaving.  Now I know, she hadn't been here that long- but you have to know that my kids attach pretty quickly to the come and go pets.  So, they either didn't really care, knew that she would eventually leave, or-and the most likely-  my children's little hearts have grown hardened to the cruel teasing attempts we make in offering a pet for them to enjoy? 

Irony #2.  The new owner of Roxi just happens to be my husband's previous girlfriend- the one he dated just before meeting me.  The one who had to attend an Ozzy concert with her best friend (my husband's sister) and her best friend's brother (my husband- now- then new love) and made me feel like (gulp!) I'd better attend the Ozzy Fest, because it was just a bit threatening to have him go with those 2. If you're an Ozzy fan- I'm sorry.  Really.  I've never had my naive, innocence shocked so quickly!  Good thing there was a quick exit from the concet and I chose not to hold it against him (to much),  

And now- old girlfriend is new owner of groan stick dog. 

It is so funny how quickly my husband forgets things like Ozzy Fest (well, okay, it was near 20 years ago), and dons this innocent face when he answers my  "Was that who I thought it was that just took our dog?" 

Oh well- I'm sitting here typing this on the living room floor while the kids are gathered around watching a Christmas movie- bickering like usual.  But, my baby is rolling on the floor- which she hasn't been able to do with a dog in the house for the past 3 weeks- so I'm happy. 

Audios pooch. 

And please, please those of you who do know me, remind me next time to leave the family dog idea alone!

        Fool Like You!!                                    


Surviving myself minus Ozzy, a former girlfriend, and a dog,

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